Nasty Critique of “American Sniper” by Rolling Stone Tool Matt Taibbi

Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper doing right by the story of Chris Kyle and on the impact of war. Matt Taibbi and turds like Micheal Moore simply do not understand. They don’t. Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper doing right by Chris Kyle’s story and on the impacts of war, the good and the bad. Self inflated, self proclaimed luminaries like… Read more →

Belgium Arrests No Surprise to Long Term Observers

Frank Wuco, January 15, 2015 Belgium has had a significant problem with their Muslim population for 10 years. Among these problems, Muslim groups have been been rampantly taking over many of the country’s abandoned Catholic churches and squatting in them, refusing to pay rents and taking advantage of the country’s squatting laws, or just ignoring law altogether. Look at the… Read more →