Nasty Critique of “American Sniper” by Rolling Stone Tool Matt Taibbi

Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper doing right by the story of Chris Kyle and on the impact of war. Matt Taibbi and turds like Micheal Moore simply do not understand. They don't.

Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper doing right by Chris Kyle's story and on the impacts of war, the good and the bad. Self inflated, self proclaimed luminaries like Matt Taibbi and Michael Moore cannot understand. They just cannot; they can only talk... and write. That's all.

Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper doing right by the story of Chris Kyle in "American Sniper." Self inflated and self proclaimed puffed up "luminaries" like Matt Taibbi and Michael Moore can ONLY write and talk. That is all. How pathetic is that?

What an ugly and political "movie" review of American Sniper in Rolling Stone Magazine by none other than Matt Taibbi, whom no one not actively in college or a fan of Rachel Maddow would even know. Most of his pieces of note are vile to the point I won't repeat their titles here. I would say Matt Taibbi is almost "too dumb to criticize," but he's not. Another over-complimented journalist who considers himself of such "big city" cred that he (wrongly) assesses that American Sniper's appeal is only to be found in "small towns" and in "Soldier of Fortune" country, whatever the hell that is. A movie doesn't do a $90mm opening weekend just through a broad appeal in corn pone country, not that there's anything wrong with that.

But this was not a movie critique. It was a war (and warrior) critique. It was an insult designed not for popular agreement, but to gain the validation of pals like Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, and self-absorbed Millenials. If anyone ever practiced a written version of "aim small, hit small," Matt Taibbi is that guy. Every actual movie critic disagrees with him about the movie, while every bed-wetting war critic wants to make love to him right this very moment.

On the war critics, like Taibbi, who is more than anything, just a self-righteous dickweed, let me digress a bit and discuss two general types of people that were within helping distance of the WTC when terror struck on 9/11/2001: One type ran AWAY from the scene, preserving their own personal safety through no fault, other than fear of death and fear in general, the default human reaction to horror and danger. The other type ran TOWARD the mayhem to help. Many died doing so. Others viscerally volunteered to serve their country to seek out the evil that attacked us then and wants to to worse to us now. The second type see beyond themselves, often to the point of death, giving their all for the safety and preservation of those around them and even those far away and almost forgotten or even unknown. Those in the first group, here and there, not all of them, from the safety of the security blanket provided by men and women less selfless than they, seem to become the most foul critics. They attack the warrior, preferably the dead one, which I find as interesting as I do sad and pathetic. I think I know why they do it.

I've seen their type up close and personal and here's the truth about them. They feel uncomfortable in the presence of, and often cannot comprehend, people who walk into flames and fields of fire... the soldier who kneels in the street knowing he will die to lay down some covering fire so that his brothers can survive; the sailor in the engine room fire who locks himself or herself inside a compartment to save the rest of the ship, knowing he or she will be consumed by flames. I've seen that last one happen on a ship in a battle group I was part of (USS White Plains fire, 1989). This also happened on board the USS Cole when that ship became an early target in the war we continue to fight today. Rather than just try to understand the truly selfless and brave whom they can never understand (even those "hoodwinked" into it by the very Government this same critic believes can solve every other problem that woes him), they go after the dead guys. Guys like Chris Kyle. They stand on a six foot pedestal of self-righteousness; the ground atop the warrior's grave.

Mean spirited insult slingers like Mr. Taibbi enter the field of battle from behind a keyboard after the smoke has cleared and the dead have been buried. Then, they start kicking tombstones. Those who never ran into the fire (for whatever reason) believe, often unawares, that they become equal, or even superior, to those who fight by simply criticizing the warrior.  In "A Few Good Men" fashion, rather than just "thank" the warrior and, in this case, the film maker who memorialized him properly and sensitively, the "critic" Matt Taibi, insults and smears both. No doubt he saw that there is publicity to be had for insulting our war dead and those who honor them. What can you expect from the man who penned "The 52 Funniest Things About The Upcoming Death of The Pope"and wrote an obituary on Andrew Breitbart titled, "The Death of a Douche."

To Mr. Taibbi and those who take comfort and solace in his words, the blanket that you pull over your head when things get scary out there, is woven from the fabric of better, faster, braver, and stronger men (and women) than you. You're welcome.

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