Daily Situation Report Minute: Who Cooked Susan Rice?

Now THAT’s what I call a Rice cooker! Susan Rice getting steamed by Clinton and Kerry.

Susan Rice is out as Secretary of State, knowing that she, and perhaps the Administration, could not have survived the fallout from Benghazi, which still threatens not only to haunt Obama in his second term, but to horrify the American public should they ever learn the full truth. Rice’s willingness to be used as a shill by the Administration to lie to every major Sunday talk show regarding the causus belli against the U.S. sovereign compound in Benghazi, revealed her unpreparedness for the  SECSTATE post. Her prior history of having failed to approve adequate security for our Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and for cozying up to Marxist dictators in Africa during the Clinton era, stood equal chances of dooming her chances of receiving Senatorial consent.

“Do not worry, my dear! Obama Do Right is here! The Iranians are no match for you, er me, my dear!”

What may have unwittingly doomed her, however, was the President’s own hollow attempt at guarding his female Ambassador against big meanies on the world scene like John McCain and Mitch McConnell. By waxing chivalrous over his number one choice for the job, the President may as well have hung a “Damsel in Distress” sign around Rice’s neck and tied her to some railroad tracks himself. Not what is required in such troubling times; a SECSTATE in need of rescuing by the President.

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How Much Tax Does Mitt Romney Pay Again? (… and again!)

(Getty Image) Mitt Romney Pays More Than Fair Share

Dedicated to Arizona PolitiChick Birthday Girl, Suzanne Sharer…

One thing I do love about Facebook is that sometimes it writes my articles for me. Here, I answer some sniveling Robin Hood wannabe who still believes that Mitt Romney (and others like him) only pay 13-14% in taxes. By the way, Mr. Hood was taking from the government, income confiscated by the government from the earners and businesses. In this case, “The Government” would be “The King”… you see, he was “The Government,” who with his cronies (Latin root word of which means “Crown,” against which we Americans rebelled) were the rich because they had confiscated the income of the earners, rendering them the poor, exactly like most socialist dictators do. So you see, ‘ol Robin today, would have broken into the U.S. Treasury (located somewhere in China) with Friar Tuck and the lads and lifted loads of Treasury Certificates and carted the back to the States, and wired the funds right back in our checking accounts, where most of them belong. Here is my Facebook response to yet another hapless Robin Hood wannabe, whose identity I have changed.

Editor’s Note: To create an anonymous identity for my protagonist, I was simply going to exchange the beginning consonant-sounds on the name, Friar Tuck, but that led to an unfortunate rendering. Hence, I shall call our subject, Bill. It is still “Anonymous,” a title I’m sure would earn our Merry Man instant street cred at the local independent Fair Trade coffee house.

Bill: So tired of explaining this to Robin Hood wannabes, but… Romney’s 13-14% tax is his CAPITAL GAINS TAX. So, pay attention (this is 101-level stuff), this means he already paid 30+% when he earned it as INCOME. Hence, the term: “INCOME TAX”… Now, AFTER he paid 30+% in State and Federal Income Tax (which you CAN’T hide in the Caymans as a public person), he took the 70ish% that he was allowed by State and Federal Revenue Services to KEEP. With THAT money, he gave millions to charity and INVESTED the rest into dividend and interest bearing portfolios (all blind trusts over which he has no control). The 13-14% that he NOW pays is CAPITAL GAINS TAX, which is the kind of tax that one (even you) has to pay on INVESTMENT INCOME. Seeing as how Mitt Romney’s money has already been taxed once AS INCOME at THE HIGHEST TAX RATE, paying an additional 13-14% on what is left over, plus $ millions in charity (and that’s just the charity he declares; people close to him and distant recipients say he gives much more anonymously) takes on a different meaning. Add to that, that people like Mitt Romney already bear over 70% of this nation’s revenue burden, what’s fair? Why, we should probably just take mean ‘ol Mitt Romney, turn him upside-down and shake all the money from his very pockets, then ransack his bank and throw all his money from the rooftops for the needy to come scoop up, it being there due. Then, and only then, will there be no more needy people. Wow, Billy, your caring ways have really gotten to me. I’m a changed man. You?

“Here now, Lads, these are all in Chinese. But once Friar Tuck gets them translated, we’ll be back in business in no time. Hip hip!…”