Suicide: Mr. President? You promised things; lots of them to those who supported you as Veterans for Obama. They will not sit silent.

Suicides by active duty military and veterans are at an all-time high and are now averaging more than one-per-day, more than we are losing in combat (many stats have the numbers as high as 18-per-day, see inset left). Over the past several weeks, I have been working with a group of veterans, advocates and investigators who, to my surprise, were largely comprised of Veterans for Obama leaders. Several of these individuals were Democratic strategists who worked closely with Barack Obama when he was a U.S. Senator and during the President’s 2008 campaign. These men personally developed Barack Obama’s narrative regarding Veteran’s affairs and guided his campaign’s declarations that an Obama Administration would represent a sea-change in Veteran’s health and care, both mental and physical. Shocking as it may be to those among Barack Obama’s cult-like following of mesmerized masses, there are principled Democrats, who are Veterans, who very much happen to care more about the lives of their brothers and sisters-in-arms than they do about propagandizing the otherworldly mystique of the man they once supported. They even accept that, in short order, team Obama will begin to destroy them and their will to continue. To quote the character, Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, United States Marine Corps, played with gripping conviction by Jack Nicholson, “You’re (messing) with the wrong Marine!” These veterans don’t care about Barack Obama. He has lied to them and marginalized them. Problem is, they live their lives for others, not themselves. That’s what separates them from politicians, like the President they once believed in. They (these Democrats), now wax nostalgic about how responsive Republican President George W. Bush was when they blew the whistle on the horrid conditions at Walter Reed Medical Center. “Bush fired people. Bush got engaged, personally. Bush made immediate changes and he talked to us while he quietly visited Walter Reed. The Shalala Committee gave him recommendations and he enacted them, immediately!” This is a quote from a Democratic strategist and Veteran who asked not to be identified and whose work spanned both administrations. These Democrat Vets, whom I have had the honor to work closely with over the past several weeks, feel saddened, betrayed, and disappointed by a complete lack of action by the President whom they personally guided. They also say they have been marginalized, humiliated, and shut out. This all occurred once they began discovering specific abuses among senior military and civilian leaders, to include medical record manipulation and malfeasance to process combat traumatized soldiers for disciplinary discharges, rather than treat their mental, neurotic, and emotional combat-begotten illnesses.

It Can Be Stopped

“If we can save just one life, this is worth it.” President Barack H. Obama, addressing the need for extra-Constitutional Executive Action for Gun Control

These men have been left virtually shunned by an Administration that once impressed upon them a belief that stories of combat veteran suffering, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mood disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), night terrors, insomnia, and suicidal feelings… indeed, suicide. I have spoken often with the two principal investigators, Robert Alvarez (the only Republican in the group) and Andy Pogany over the past few weeks and their work is monumental. It has revealed every known cause of combat veteran despair, depression, and suicide. And, it has been not only ignored by senior Army and Administration leadership, it has been treated with obfuscation, denial, and hostility.

Before I continue, I myself am a 23-year veteran of the U.S. Navy and was deployed on several occasions during OEF and OIF as the Chief of Intelligence Operations for Special Operations Command, Central. So, I have familiarity with, and an interest in, that of which my friends are speaking on behalf of our abandoned brothers and sisters-in-arms.

On my program this past Sunday, I had the privilege of hosting for both hours, my guests and friends, Andy Pogany and Robert Alvarez. Their credentials are impeccable and their work has been balance, exhaustive, and tear soaked. I have broken down on a couple of occasions just reading their cases and the rebuke they have received from senior members of the Army and ombudsmen in government. They have discovered the problems and the fixes are simple. Far simpler than those for which this President weeps and laments: Gun Control and Immigration Reform. It shows, in many ways, that this President’s conscience has never been influenced or formed by the sacrifices of our veterans. If it were, he would immediately apply his gun control mantra, “If we can save just one life…” So, for the President, you can, Sir, you can.

For POTUS: A National Veterans Strategy

Mr. President, today you have been given the opportunity and detailed instructions on how to enact a National Strategy for Veterans. Every conceivable option, prescription, and solution has been laid on your desk. No need for a new committee or Task Force. No call for a new study. It’s done, Mr. President. The committees and Task Forces have concluded submitted their findings and continue their work, exhausted and marginalized; researchers of distinguished pedigree at Rutgers University have finished their analyses, exhaustively. Cases have been documented by the hundreds and systemic failures and their solutions have been clearly identified in number. You may now accept accountability for an issue that can not only save one life, but dozens; dozens of our most precious lives… those of our war vets, who, at the end of being processed by your policies and your complete lack of movement of conscience, have resolved your issue by killing themselves. You broke these men, then your loyal officers, rather than fixing the damage of young adults who have seen and felt the trauma of war (as many as four tours by the age of 24; some, more), have processed them out of the Army with no benefits into an economy that is not longer bleeding jobs, but has left its body two pints low on the life-blood of employment. And, Sir, they are taking their own lives at record numbers.

So, rather than have your appointees release data that shows the suicide problem in the

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military is not nearly as bad as it is (statistically) in the civilian population, you now have the opportunity fix the problem. I am reminded of a section of your own autobiography where you describe your mother’s lack of patience with your excuses and attitude regarding your studies; a teachable moment you offered from your upbringing that appeared intended to give substance to who you are as a man. Well, Sir, we shall see.

As of today, Sir, no more excuses. No more irrelevant comparisons to the kid in class who brought home a D after you’ve brought home a C-, as if poor performance is somehow elevated when compared to others’ poorer performance. This is embarrassingly similar to the Department of Defense’s recent declaration of good standing where relative suicide rates are concerned. Quite frankly, Sir, shameful.

Veterans, including many who supported you as Veterans for Obama leaders and in various close advisory positions (to you and Kit Bond) during your two years as a U.S. Senator and during your 2008 campaign, shall await your Executive Action (much like you have promised for gun control) for all that you promised our veterans. It is now up to you. We are here and we don’t forget.

Frank Wuco is a retired Naval Intelligence Officer with 23 years active duty and over 30 total years of service to the the national security and intelligence communities. As an intelligence professional, Frank is grateful to have worked in virtually every area of military and intelligence operations over the past 30+ years and dedicates all of his work to those who continue to serve honorably to the security and protection of the United States Constitution and the people of the United States. Frank now brings his expertise to the airwaves every Sunday from 2-4 PM EST on Tampa Bay’s News Radio AM 970 WFLA.


A view of the American future from Conservative contributor, Fernando Milanes, a retired Medical Doctor (Psychiatry) from Miami, Florida. Dr. Milanes escaped Marxist Cuba as a young man after Fidel Castro solidified his control of the island nation.

Barack Obama delivers Inaugural Address, Jan 21st, 2013. Ultra-Progressive Potpourri… everything’s gonna be super cool; JUST cooperate. (Getty Images)

Yesterday’s inaugural address by President Obama will not be the most eloquent, the most unifying, or the most remembered, but it certainly is the one that spelled clearly his liberal agenda.  Throughout his words he defined the words of our Constitution “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as a statement that is dynamic and its interpretation subject to change with the passage of time.  His idea of our Founders quest for replacing the King and to establish the rule of “we the people” is that they feared the rule of a few.  His solution strictly following the demagogic socialist view is that the majority should rule.  As every ruler before him that has used this rhetoric, he will not mention that only he and the select group behind him are anointed with the wisdom of interpreting the wishes, needs, and what to pursuit for happiness, of “we the people”.  Mr. President, it is precisely people like you that our founders feared.  Leaders like you that use the support of the greater part of the voters as a justification to change the system, was what our Fathers dreaded the most. 

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This concern was the ideology behind our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the definition of a Republic that espoused a divided Government with power at the States.  We all desire “railroads, highways, commerce, school, colleges, competition, fair play, care for the vulnerable, protection from misfortune”.  What we do not want, is to feel dependent on someone else to guarantee these desires.  On one hand you mention “celebration of hard work and personal responsibility” as part of our initiative and enterprise, but then you ascertain that these goals “ultimately require collective action”.  Therein,  lays the fallacy of your words and why sooner or later socialist regimes fail.  No single person can “train or equip our children”, “we must do these things together” you claim.  It sounds great “collective, together”, but by definition a group can’t do anything collectedly or be together without a guide and/or a direction.  This semantic excuse has in history always been followed by someone who desires to lead or direct.  This ideology is what precedes dictators, tyrants and what the Kings role was.  The methodology that Obama constantly uses of dividing our society into different minorities, and using false promises to gain their support is not new, and a favorite tool used by power ambitious leaders.  Sure enough he talked about the misfortunes? of women, gays, immigrants, voters, with assurances of improvement of their perceived discriminated status.  Of course, HE knows what we want and is not hesitant to tell us that he will fix our climate, change our energy dependence, make World peace through diplomacy, and keep us out of wars.  We the people will have education, healthcare, transportation, jobs, all been paid by the few “lucky” enough to be rich.  He did say that hard choices had to be made in healthcare to make it affordable but without touching the centralized programs like Medicare, Medicaid and or Social Security.  Underlying this statement, is the unavoidable fact that the only option left is rationing services.  Precisely, the segment of our population that he claims wants to protect, the middle class, is the one destined to suffer the most if he accomplishes his proposed agenda.  His speech ends blaming his opposition for doing exactly what he just did “mistake absolutism for principle, substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name calling for reasoned debate”.  Yesterday Obama was unmasked.  He not only enumerated his socialist agenda, but used the old and tried strategy of many before him, following his mentor Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radical” in order to complete the Europe-like system that he loves, ignoring the fact of its failure.  Notably absent was mention of deficits and debt, or any new programs to help our dire employment reality.  All in all a speech more akin to a Chavez, or a Castro than a Kennedy or a Reagan.

Fernando J. Milanes


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A view of the American future from Conservative contributor, Fernando Milanese, a retired Medical Doctor (Psychiatry) from Miami, Florida. Dr. Milanese escaped Marxist Cuba as a young man after Fidel Castro solidified his control of the island nation.

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A famous Spanish satirist wrote a novel with a plot about a man resembling our image of God, and claiming that he was, coming to earth.  When facing a large crowd simultaneously entranced but skeptical, he noticed that a huge concrete wall was falling and about to crush two children playing.  With a movement of his hand he stopped the wall’s progress and made it reverse its course and fall towards the other side.  A spellbound multitude chanted “miracle, miracle”, not realizing that twenty-five youngsters playing soccer were crushed in the other area.  When reading today’s so called newspapers praising the Congress accomplishment avoiding the “fiscal cliff” and not raising taxes on 98% of taxpayers, the former scene came to my mind.  Our newly anointed messiah returned to Hawaii to continue his vacation, basking on the accolades for his role in the passage of the law.  But what was really accomplished?  It is true that Bush’s tax cuts, recently called last decade or Bush era, have been extended for everyone making less than $400,000 thousand.  But at what price?   When campaigning our President Obama insisted that the increase was needed to reduce our deficit, but the reality is that as written in this law it will augment it.

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And how about the unintended consequences?  The people, whose taxes will rise, are the ones that invest in our economy and hire workers.  Not only their income, but with their capital gain tax also higher, their incentive to produce economic growth would be curtailed.  Why did Obama refuse other ways offered to achieve the same revenue growth without touching tax rates?  There is only one logical answer.  His only motivation was a political one; feeding the envy thirst of many of his followers.  Jobs, economic expansion, entitlement bankrupt programs, and our spending problems, were ignored and left for a future resolution.  Everyone, including the middle class, our poor, and elderly will soon start living the consequences of Obamacare, with higher taxes, medical costs, losing their employer’s insurance, and receiving less quality care possible with a different provider.  The ending of the story previously cited was that the population in Spain became fed up with God as he wanted them to assume more responsibility for their ills, work harder, sacrifice their wealth, and not receive instant happiness, health and riches as they desired.  This popular anger described in this satire is the one we are seeing in Greece, Spain, and throughout Europe.  And what are we doing in our Country as led by incompetent fools?  We are following their failed path!

Fernando J Milanes MD

Godbama the Perfect


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There are reports from peer-approved media (as in “not Fox” or the Washington Times) that the President spends hours a day watching all of his favorite cable television series’. He wakes up late and does not attend his briefings. This man has the arrogance to tell David Gregory that the fiscal cliff is Congress’s fault because “they can’t figure it out.” Never has their been a more arrogant President of the United States. Gregory asked him point-blank if he bears ANY responsibility AT ALL… The President (in about 6,000 words, it seemed) said, “No.” To the 27% of the American voting public who went to polls to elect THIS, enjoy your “free” stuff. Some among you may enjoy that feeling of pride that your trek to the poll that day meant “you care about people who need free stuff” or “your not a racist” (like people who voted against Obama). Well done! Smile now… Your grandchildren will read in history books about our once mighty and great nation; one that your parents left to you in better shape than they entered it and, in that comfort, you squandered it as “your entitlement” on yourself and what was in it “for you.” I have heard people I know say, “Go get those benefits; that’s why I pay taxes…”  I understand your vote for this man and all that he has promised to do just. for. you. Voting for this person, who has his entire formative and adult life, despised this nation and its formula for success made you feel good; you feel good that you voted for the winner. If you are one of the 27% of voting age Americans who voted for the man who has sought his entire life to knock this nation down to size because we don’t deserve our success, smile now. You bathed in the warmth and sweetness of our strength and security. Your children and grandchildren (and mine) will read about our formula for strength and success and wonder why you believed they did not deserve what you considered YOUR birthright. As long as I have been writing this article (20 minutes or so), Barack Obama has yet to admit to David Gregory a single mistake or acknowledge any single way that he might possibly be to blame for any of our troubles, which have only gotten worse during his Presidency. It seems that even Gregory is having a tough time swallowing it. Not wrong, Barack Obama. Not about one, single thing. Wow. Tell me… is that possible? Is it humanly, statistically possible? If you believe it is and find comfort in accepting his every answer and velvety tones, then you have elevated him to demi-God status (as he has already, long-ago, done to himself) the likes of which have only been rivaled by the Caesars (the REALLY bad ones), Hitler, and the Kims of North Korea. Yes. THIS is happening.