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The Frank Wuco Radio Show

The Full Frontal Information Assault. Two hours GUARANTEED to SEEM like 20 minutes or less or you get YOUR MONEY BACK! 2-4 PM EST on Newstalk AM 970/FM 105.9 WFLA Tampa Bay. Also on iHeartRadio @ 970 WFLA

Okay, we can get through this…. so, you missed my show! Alright, alright… I don’t wanna hear your excuses. I am here to SERVE!

Sit back, strap yourself in, and just enjoy some of the past shows you’ve missed. You’re just two clicks away from a whole series of FULL FRONTAL INFORMATION ASSAULTS!

1-6-13 Frank Wuco Show Hour 1: Frank discusses Obama’s new tax deal, America out “Soviet Unioning” the Soviet Union, and welcomes Tampa Frog Man Swim organizer Dan O’Shea on the FWRS

1-6-13 Frank Wuco Show Hour 2: The FWRS welcomes Bill Wickett, executive VP of the Tampa Bay Lightning, onto the show to discuss the tentative end to the NHL lockout.

1-13-13 Frank Show Wuco Hour 1: Colin Powell calls the Republican Party racists, gun control, and could beds be more deadly than guns?

1-13-13 Frank Show Wuco Hour 2More on gun control, part two of “Dr. Frank”, and another Fuad Wasul “Ask the Jihadist” takeover.

1-13-13 Frank Show Wuco “Ask the Jihadist”: Fuad Wasul’s studio takeover in the latest version of “Ask The Jihadist”, from the FWRS on 1/13/13.

Fuad Wasul

The Official Jihadist of the Frank Wuco Radio Show, Fuad Wasul! As close as you will ever come to a jihadist sworn to destroy your way of life!

1-13-20 Frank Show Wuco Hour 1:We honor this week’s fallen heroes, review of Zero Dark Thirty, and Frank speaks with author Brad Meltzer.

1-13-20 Frank Show Wuco Hour 2: Part II of Frank’s conversation with author Brad Meltzer; decoder rings; and Frank talks to friend Jerome Corsi about continued suffering in Sandy ravaged New Jersey and New York. Islamist trouble in Africa!

There you have it! Now, make  sure that when you get to my Podcast page, you be a tough trooper and click both the “Like” and “Recommend” Facebook buttons.

There’s six hours of highly concentrated information up there, folks. All totaled to seem like 20 MINUTES OR LESS! OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!.

Last FWRS Before 2012 POTUS Election!

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Miss the show today? First of all, SHAME ON YOU! Okay, now that we’ve gotten past all that, please give the whole thing a close listen, including my extended discussion with my friend Anthony Shaffer. Election analysis throughout and Benghazi coverage heard in too few places. This is our last show before the election! Listen and share widely.

Here is Hour One with the Tony Shaffer interview and my analysis of NBC’s Chuck “Peachfuzz” Todd going all pre-first-time-ever-coital on his own polls suggesting that the massive losses and death of Hurricane Sandy  are JUST what Obama needed to give him a boost in the polls. GEE NEAT! 111 dead (so far), tens of billions of dollars in damage, thousands of lives upended and it’s JUST WHAT OBAMA NEEDED! Are these people out of their freakin’ minds over there at NBC?!!!

Red Mind Solutions

Red Mind Solutions defense and security solutions.

In Hour Two, my pal Timothy Furnish and I dismantle Geraldo Rivera’s asinine Benghazi conniption fit on Fox & Friends on Friday. I take on the President’s divisive and, quite frankly, hateful comments on voting for “revenge.” Listen and see if you agree that his followers are urged to “boo” and “applaud” on cue. Disturbing.

FWRS! Podcast 10/14/2012

High Impact News and Commentary for All Concerned Citizens

Miss Sunday’s show? Your excuses are getting pretty thin… Thankfully, The Frank Wuco Radio Show is a Full-Service Full-Frontal Information Assault! We bring to you, here, ALL TWO hours of FWRS, guaranteed to seem like 20 minutes OR LESS! Or, you get your money back!

For Hour 1, click here and listen to Frank break down the Vice Presidential debate and the Administration’s Post-Joe clean up operation (“We didn’t know they requested extra security…“). Frank takes calls from the best listeners in radio!

For Hour 2, click here! Frank filets, dices, and burns “Smilin’ Joe’s” strange take on Catholic theology. With that much BS rolling past his teeth, one wonders how he keeps them so darned white! I heard from an insider in the news business, that cameramen at the debate actually used Biden’s teeth to adjust the white balance on their cameras.

Official Jihadist of FWRS-Fuad Wasul Rides Again! 10/7/2012

The Daily SITREP by Frank Wuco

It’s been a while since we heard from ‘ol Fuad Wasul, Official Jihadist of

Fuad Wasul-Official Jihadist of FWRS

the Frank Wuco Radio Show. Think you can handle a full frontal radio assault from a committed muj? Listen up. Learn. Share. Click HERE for the Ask the Jihadist experience.

FWRS Podcast 10/7/2012

FWRS! The Full Frontal Information Assault!

After a couple of weeks of being preempted by the playoff stretch baseball, The Frank Wuco Radio Show re-assaulted the airwaves!

For Hour 1, click HERE.

For Hour 2, including an explosive segment with the “Official Jihadist” of the Frank Wuco Radio Show, Fuad Wasul click HERE. You have got to hear this if you are interested in understanding the world view of the committed jihadist. No punches pulled. Listen!