Belgium Arrests No Surprise to Long Term Observers

Frank Wuco, January 15, 2015

Belgium has had a significant problem with their Muslim population for 10 years. Among these problems, Muslim groups have been been rampantly taking over many of the country’s abandoned Catholic churches and squatting in them, refusing to pay rents and taking advantage of the country’s squatting laws, or just ignoring law altogether. Look at the images in the following link: Belgium’s Muslim groups have intentionally sought out abandoned Church property. This serves a specific religious purpose of occupying Christian places of worship and taking them under the banner of Islam. In many cases, an actual banner of Islam is hung from the exterior of the church building. This, they believe, shows the favor of God for Islam. Larger, more known examples would be: The Hagia Sophia, which was the grandest cathedral in the Eastern Roman Empire in Istanbul and converted to a mosque by the Ottoman Empire for this very reason. Same thing goes for the Dome of the Rock, or al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the site of the Jewish Temple Mount. There is a specific design to the occupation of former Jewish and Christian places of worship and Belgium has been a ripe target for years.

On the security side, we know from released emails that the operational cell that had returned from Syria to Belgium to conduct attacks saw Belgium's security and intelligence forces as weak. A strong and well entrenched Muslim enclave, together with an opportune target, creates the ultimate opportunity for the committed jihadist. Remember, in his mind, he believes that God has created this opportunity and environment specifically to show his favor to the Muslims. Furthermore, Western restraint and tolerance is also seen, not as benevolence by non-Muslims to be appreciated and reciprocated, but as active participation by God, to restrain the hands of Unbelievers against the Muslims. From the Qur’an:

Surah 4:84 (Surah 4 deals heavily with justice for Unbelievers and Jihad)… “Then fight in Allah’s cause— thou art held responsible only for thyself —and rouse the Believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the Unbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and punishment.”

 What this instructs Muslim fighters (and Muslims in general) is that when (during time of war especially) non-Muslim powers and authorities show “restraint,” this restraint is NEVER to be seen as tolerance by unbelievers (to be reciprocated), but as FAVOR FROM GOD and all the more reason to make war against non-believers, because God has made the way for the Muslims.

What we are about to see in Europe is the thin veneer of European “tolerance” blow away like dust and reveal the feudal culture beneath the surface that has always defined Europe through the end of WW-II. After the war, and until now, Europe has had a thick blanket of security (both internal and external) provided by the United States that has allowed various European states (less the Balkans) to pretend a deep well of tolerance. The Europeans are a warrior society with a feudal culture. We are about to see that revealed, now that they’ve got a fight on their hands.


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Article written by fwuco

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