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Think you’re right? Prove it on the heat of The Grinder!
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Use “The Grinder” as your place to intellectually and ideologically duke it out.  You want to make a point? Defend your (or another) case? Make an apology? (by “apology,” we mean something mostly along the line of classic “apologetic” discourse, which is just a fancy way of saying “defend your case” (see preceding sentence), but it makes fancy-pants types feel more intellectual and there’s nothing wrong with that. We want to elevate the discussion here to the intellectual level, but sometimes we miss a step and slide into the muck and things can get messy and here on The Grinder, there’s nothing wrong with that either. ALL are welcome. No one is going to “suspend” you because someone got hurt feelings over something that they considered to “mean spirited” or “offensive.” Listen, unless someone is suggesting or implying that they intend specifically to, let’s say, locate someone or some entity (non-malevolent, physical) and commit actual crimes against them, then it’s probably not really “offensive.” You’re probably just a wimp. Or, you just realized that you’re wrong and don’t feel like dealing with it. Your problem, not ours. Actual racism (and everyone except Chris Matthews knows what that is) is going to be a problem. Talking about specific economic and/or political issues affecting a specific demographic, or disagreeing with Barack Obama, Allen West, Sonia Sotomayor, or Marco Rubio is NOT racist. Here, we call it “disagreeing.”

Some general guidelines:

1) You have to be registered and submit your articles via our Contact Page and title your article, discussion, or apology, “Grinder Article.”

2) Try to actually make your case. That doesn’t mean you can’t rip someone you disagree with, but if you don’t have a competing alternative concept or idea, then you’re just going to look like a whiney-butt complainer and that’s okay, but it likely just means you are little more than a “Grinder Seagull” (G-Gull) who just loves to fly over The Grinder, deposit guano on its occupants, and keep on flying, occasionally circling around to survey your mess and to do it again just for fun.  If you are one of these G-Gulls, then prepare to have your wings clipped, not by having your Grinder airspace restricted by our thought police (we have none), but by actual Grinder participants who quickly learn to step out of the way or take cover when you fly by and shoot you (FIGURATIVELY speaking) out of the sky with superior weaponry, such as: actual ideas, solutions, and meaningful contributions. Again, G-Gulls are welcome, but don’t complain when you’re assailed by a bunch of people who eventually discover that you are little more than annoying. No one will save you with an option that allows you to find their superior point, argument, or intellect “offensive.”

3) Having said all that, let the rips fly! If someone thinks that some pundit, hot head, blowhard, talking head, commentator, or politician has stupid or wrong ideas, then by all means, say so… and why! If you think that some left-wing liberal progressive is a Marxist, go ahead and say so. If you think some right-wing conservative is mean-spririted industrial colonialist, let ‘er fly! But here on The Grinder, when someone describes you in somewhat stark terms, or calls you stupid, selfish, or controlling, you’re much better off  telling them EXACTLY why they’re wrong. Calling them mean or offensive is generally going to get you a Grinder Grade of “SO WHAT?” If you think someone was “mean-spirited” or you got your feelings hurt, that generally indicates laziness and wimpiness; i.e., you just hate it when people disagree with you and you don’t feel like proving them wrong (or you don’t feel like you should have to), so you try to shut them down of accusations of “mean-spiritedness” or “offensive behavior.” Such intellectual cowardice may allow you to achieve Big Brother-like behavior modifications on some sites, but here it will earn you “BOO HOO.” If you resort to using expletives; i.e., all variants of the F-Bomb and its numerous applications, telling one to kiss one’s…, suggesting one performs other forms of oral activity that do not involve the first stage of food digestion or producing words, and so on. You get the point. You can go ahead, but understand, once you’ve “gone there,” you’ve lost. Hang your head in shame and defeat. Again, there is a line. You can’t threaten specific acts of violence on other than sworn enemies of the United States. If you do, I will either notify the actual authorities, or drive you to the nearest U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Center, depending.

4) The Grinder is a work in progress, if you think you can make it better, say so here.


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